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You found me!  If you love to eat BBQ, cook BBQ, attend BBQ events, find new recipes, tips, and secrets of the trade, this site is for you! My goals are to encourage you  who are just getting started to fire up your smokers and get to it,  and teach you who are  already doing some smoking  some new recipes, tips, techniques, secrets, etc. to elevate your  smoking endeavors to the next level and have your friends, family and neighbors begging you to invite them for a BBQ dinner!  I also hope to keep you informed about  local, regional and national BBQ events that you might want to attend for fun or competition.

I've been involved in BBQ for over 25 years. It's my passion. And I started small…..just a little weber smoker got me hooked!  Quickly, I  graduated to an electric smoker and would load it up on the weekends with ribs, brisket and chicken. My family loved it!   I was invited to participate with a BBQ competition team  that competed at the "Great Lenexa BBQ Battle" in Lenexa, Kansas. From then on, I was totally hooked. I spent several summers  competing  with these great guys and we did pretty darn well. One year we placed 3rd overall out of 175 teams!  I became a member of the Kansas City BBQ Society, became a trained BBQ judge and then a contest rep. Being a rep allowed me to travel during the summer months and oversee  the judging with help from one or two other contest reps. I met  many wonderful BBQ enthusiasts along the way, and consider several to be very good friends and mentors.

In  1998  I founded the Iowa BBQ Society, and with a small Board  started the first Iowa State BBQ competition. It started in Des Moines, Iowa and then moved to Marshalltown, Iowa, my hometown. It was a huge success, and the town loved and embraced it. At some point along the way, I won the Iowa State Fair Farm Bureau BBQ contest, making me the "King of BBQ"  in Iowa. That was fun!  I also started teaching some adult ed classes at our local community college - SMOKIN' 101 and GRILLIN' 101.  These classes were very  rewarding as many students would call me for some additional help as they were preparing to smoke or grill. Very willingly I would talk them through it,  and then  the call would come telling me how great their  food turned out, that the "whole family loved it" "I'm so happy I took your class" etc.  It really made my day.

Now I'm residing in Erie, Colorado and have  retired from  owning my own plumbing wholesale business. I now  occupy  my time with my passion - BBQ!!  I had the good fortune to meet Rich Womack, owner of Miller's Grille BBQ, Burgers and Beer  restaurant in Lafayette, CO and became his BBQ consultant……his business has doubled and has become  quite well known as THE place to go for great BBQ and CATERING!  www.coloradohometownweekly.com/.../millers-grille-lafayette-transform

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