Hottest New BBQ Dish – CANDIED BACON


What are you craving? Bacon or candy? Now you can have both!

Bacon is so hot right now… can find anything you want made with bacon. One of my favorite things to do is to smoke it after adding brown sugar or maple syrup and rubbing in some slightly  spicy BBQ seasoning.  Place on a rack and smoke @ 225 degrees until nice and crispy….approximately 2 hrs.  The finished product is a perfect combination of salty, sweet, with just a bit of spice and a touch of smoky flavor. It’s definitely a winner!

When I became a consultant for Miller’s Grille restaurant in Lafayette, Colorado  owner Rich Womack asked me to come up with some new smoked appetizers. I immediately suggested “pig candy”, and customers can’t get enough of it!

Try your own, or better yet, come dine at Miller’s Grille, 103 S. Public Road, Lafayette, Colorado





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