6-8 lbs beef brisket

Slicing against the grain

Trim  brisket of excess fat. Your butcher can do this for you too.

Let about 1/4″ of fat remain, for flavor.

Paint with yellow mustard and heavily sprinkle with a rub….I like sweet and spicy

Jaccard on both sides to tenderize

Place in refrigerator covered in plastic wrap

Smoke approximately 10 hours at 180 -220 degrees. Spray with apple juice after 4 hours of cooking

Remove meat …..wrap in heavy duty aluminum foil  and continue cooking an additional 3-4 hrs. Longer cooking will help tenderize. If necessary, you can open the foil and use a fork to check.

Cooking time is approximately 1 to 1 /2 hrs. Per pound.

Let cool, and then slice against the grain.


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